Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bike To Wherever Week

It's Bike to Work Week. I'm not going to be riding to a shiny office building this week, but I am cycling on my regular errands. Today, The Duchess and I had quite the outing.
  1. Bank - Deposit - at the Drive-up window, of course
  2. Little Thai - Lunch date - Basil Noodles & Roti
  3. Vegetable Stand - Obvious reasons
  4. Fleet Feet Sports - Small water bottle/strap, but ended up getting a Nike skirt and singlet, too.
  5. Little European Bakery - Bread & 3 Beehive cookies for kidlets
  6. Trader Joes - Regular groceries, including milk, 5-lb bag of flour, wine & flowers
It was a wonderful 2 hours. Beautiful sunshine, spring breezes, and not even a hint of stiffness in the rear wheel. Can't wait for Thursdays trip. The panniers are marvelous. Instead of being limited to the one front basket, here's everything The Duchess carried home:

Including today's 4.5 mile loopy route, this week's mileage so far:

Sunday -
Whole Foods - 3.9 (would normally be five, but there was the frozen wheel & rescue)
"Date" Ride - 21.5 (leisurely pace)

Monday -
"Hooray! It's Not Raining" Ride - 17.26 (16.6 mph)
"Oops - Supposed to be Running" - 2.3 (9:24/mile)

Tuesday -
Errands for the Day - 4.57 (lots of stops)
*Hill Run (when the teenager/babysitter gets home) - 3.7 miles

Total (so far) - 57.79 miles

It'll slow down after today, as there's Field Day, TAG End-of year Party, 4th/5th Guitar Concert, 8th Grade Dance, International Festival, all between Wednesday and Friday, followed by After-Dance Cleanup at the middle school on Saturday morning. Now that I think about it, the grocery budget is likely to be out of whack this week too, as one child volunteered me to fix fried rice for the TAG party and Swedish meatballs for the International Festival, though I haven't heard a confirmation from the teacher on that second batch of food yet.

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Slamdunk said...

Wow--great how you couple the rides into productive activities. I picked up my bike from the repair shop yesterday (only $20), and can't wait to go pedaling with the 2nd grader.