Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Two-wheeled grocery challenge

14.6 pounds of fuel for the family. Tuesday's trip went so much smoother with the lighter weight of the basket. I need to keep the majority of the weight on the back of the bike. There were none of the wobblies, like when the basket was carrying 25 lbs last week. I found a slightly less congested route home from Whole Foods. It's a mile longer, but I'm more comfortable without as many fast cars. Plus, it's a section with a shoulder wider than a gutter.

B2 & I went to Harry's Market (farmers market bought out by Whole Foods) Sunday afternoon, so there wasn't a big list. Didn't get a whole lot of stuff, so I'll still be shopping my regular days this week. There are just some things I can't get without being at a farmer market, and we were in the neighborhood. Harry's isn't far from the theater where we saw X-men Origins: Wolverine. We ground our own peanut butter, and a little of the chocolate almond butter, to try on toast for breakfast Monday morning. (Won't be getting that often, as it would prove irresistable.) The cheese sampling around the market is always fun. My fave was a habanero cheese; B2's was a Cheddar... not to be confused with all the cheeses made elsewhere in the world.

We also ground flour at this nifty mill, which I will be using tonight in baking bread for tomorrow's lunches. This trip was the hard white spring wheat. Next time we'll try the red.

No grocery bike trip today, but managed to get in a quick 8.9 mile ride before the stormy weather rolled in. Worked out well, since it started right about the time I needed to pick up the younger kids from school. It was a windy ride, but great. Made the return trip into the wind the higher intensity portion of the workout. Ended a little winded, but very happy for having worked in the 30 minutes of exercise.

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