Monday, January 26, 2009

2009 Grocery Challenge - Week 5 - Farmer's Market Stockup!

I love being in the kitchen after a trip to the farmer's market. Did my stockup shopping. Didn't get a picture of everything together, as the bounty didn't fit on the counter all at once. I do have photos from the couple hours after getting everything put away. Starting with this happy bowl of fruit, right by my aprons. Peaches, valencia oranges, pink lady apples, bananas, limes, avocado - and a bag of dried pineapple chunks, which are candy substitutes for my daughter, the resident sweet-tooth.

Supper! Lamb, marinating in garlic, ginger, honey, red wine and soy sauce. Red and sweet onions, cilantro, water chestnuts and snowpeas (trimmed by little people), ready to be stir fried with more ginger & garlic, with rice and bean sprouts on the side. Sure I could make this from the supermarket, but the snow peas and bean sprouts would not have been anywhere near as crisp, and the lamb would have been older, more expensive, and from sheep loaded with antibiotics and hormones. (Recipe from Splendid Table's How to Eat Supper cookbook.)

Now that I'm stocked back up on whole wheat & oat flour, it's baking time! Oatmeal breakfast muffins, honey whole wheat buns for Monday's cheese stuffed turkey burgers, and bread for sandwiches in packed lunches. Between this and the Lamb Stir fry in Hoisin, the kitchen - no, the whole house - smelled amazing!

I'll need to get a few items at the supermarket, like Very Vanilla Silk and the evaporated milk I use when cooking. It doesn't make sense to pay almost $2 per can at the int'l market, when it's only 87 cents at Publix. (Total reverse of the coconut milk pricing.) I'll post a full list at the end of the week, but here is the shopping list from the main trip:
Spent time dividing the lamb & beef for multiple meals. The turkey and chicken will also be doing double duty. I'm mixing with minced onion, garlic, parsley, basil and chopped scallion - a little over half will be used for cheese stuffed burgers Monday, the rest scooped into balls and frozen for a meal next week. Another plus to the meat & poultry from the farmer's market? Never been frozen, so it keeps far better when I do things like this.


carla said...

I want to adopt you.
I swear you are the shopping woman I aspire to be and yet make so little effort to :)

mappchik said...

That's funny. You're the fitness woman I aspire to be and yet...