Thursday, January 15, 2009

Too much of a good thing?

I overdid it on the exercise today, by 2.5 miles. Didn't mean to. I missed my workout yesterday. Had planned to go to a 90 minute yoga class. Dropped the morning class plan in favor of the 4th grade Biography Fair. (Seeing my Wilbur Wright was more important, of course. B2 was fantastic!) The evening class plan went by the wayside because of rush hour gridlock. Even with a make ahead dinner, and a helpful teen, it would have meant 90 minutes in traffic to get there. I checked the traffic reports at 60 minutes. Sigh.

Figured slacking off during my first week of a half marathon program would set a bad precedent, so today turned into a make up day. Hit the road for my regular three mile hill run, then came home and changed for the 10:00 am hot yoga class. Only took 15 minutes to get there, seeing as how it's not rush hour. Gotta say, hot yoga after a 30 degree run (19 with windchill) was bliss.

Home for a shower, some leftover lentils & couscous, then work. Only a couple things promised today, so I wrapped up mid afternoon, with plenty of time to make a Trader Joes run. (There were several requests this morning for an eggs & bacon breakfast, but no time - so we're having "brinner" tonight. Needed a few things for the waffles, veggie omelet and... bacon.) Grabbed my bag & basket, pulled on gloves and coat, headed out. I run lots of mornings and follow with an afternoon ride to the bank or store. No big deal, right?

Started out fine. Little tough going uphill, but I think I still had residual warmth from yoga in my muscles. Did my shopping, unlocked Patty from the shopping cart corral, and started home.


I don't know if it was the added weight, but the trip home was agony. I was cold. Everything hurt.

Everything still hurts. Even my pinky toes are complaining. That could just be the cold, though.

What I already knew:
A day with both run + bike/store = GOOD
A day with both yoga + bike/store = GOOD

What I learned today:
COLD run + HOT yoga = VERY GOOD
COLD run + HOT yoga + COLD bike/store = QUIT WHILE YOU'RE AHEAD, NITWIT!

I'm tossing back ibuprofen, and wondering how I'll stay awake through fixing supper, music lessons (x3), multiplication tables and spelling, laundry and breakfast muffin baking.

It seemed like such a good idea at the time. At least the flowers are pretty?!


Slamdunk said...

Ok good example of why you said that your workout schedule was flexible.

Great idea in mixing in other forms of exercise where possible, but I couldn't hack doing multiple ones a day. A few years ago, I was swimming in the morning and running in the evening--well, the evenings were something that barely resembled running with my dead legs. At least it provided a steady source of humor for my neighbors at the time.

mappchik said...

Do you still have swimming as part of your regular routine, or are you primarily running?

The commute cycling for errands is not something I usually consider official exercise, unless my schedule has gotten so hectic that the 2-3 mile rides are all I'm getting. I've also been know to turn bank deposits or post office trips into literal errand running.

Slamdunk said...

Unfortunately, swimming is a distant memory. I can only run irregularly now with family and work stuff.

Working running and exercise into regular errands is a good idea when it warms a little here. I'll have to think how I can make that work.

carla said...

how are you feeling today? sore?

it's hard not to cram in the exercise when you get the chance...if youre me anyway :)

answered your question in my comments...lemmie know if it isnt enough!