Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Playing in traffic

I haven't officially exercised since Christmas. I've hiked, walked, played tag and field hockey, done kid yoga, and bowled while the kids have been home from school, but nothing official. I went for my first run of 2009 today, and it was wonderful!

It was misting heavily, with temps in the low 60s. I had on my favorite nike skirt and salt crusted hat. I was outside, cruising along at grown up speed, happy to be keeping my eyes on actual cars and dodging puddles, rather than keeping an eye out for orange juice puddles and dodging matchbox cars in the house.

3.2 miles @ 8:56/mile

It was a great start to the year!


Slamdunk said...

Welcome back to the runners club.

I ran 3 times on the treadmill at the in-laws house over the holidays, and was suprised how nice it felt. Watching television while getting a run in--much better for me than sliding on ice patches and gasping for air in the cold.

Your Dec post that included comments describing how your republican mom left the voting booth and felt the need for a shower was funny. Maybe it was because I can relate to that feeling.

mappchik said...

It's great you could keep up with exercise during holiday travel to family, and avoid those ice patches.

I love running outdoors, but if the right thing is on television, the treadmills at the YMCA can be just as much fun, especially if it keeps me out of the nastiest weather. I thoroughly enjoyed my treadmill run during Wednesday's Stargate: Atlantis marathon on SciFi. Would have kept going through a 2nd or 3rd episode, if not for school pickup.