Sunday, January 18, 2009

Grocery Challenge & Supper Wars - Week 3

Regular Grocery Shopping
Publix - $85.51
Trader Joes - $24.62
Whole Foods - $20.45
Week 2 total - $130.58

Weekly Average - $151.94

Year To Date - $455.84

Not a bad week. The average is now close to the $150/week target of my "normal" shopping patterns. With one more week to go, it looks like the once-a-month stockup is going to make a big difference. I'll need to get better about the quantities I need for each month, as I've needed to purchase replacements for several staples already. I seriously underestimated the brown sugar, rice, flour and oats, along with a few other items. We're eating a very good variety of fresh fruits and veggies, and organic where the cost isn't too prohibitive. The budget planning and ongoing attempt to keep the kids trying new foods, as well as familiar foods in new types of cuisine are tying together nicely.

Starting next week, I'll also be posting my actual shopping lists w/costs. I'm working on a pricebook-type record, so I can get a better handle on quantities needed during the stockup trips.

2009 Grocery Challenge

Odd week with menu planning. Ended up juggling a few days around, to accomodate project boards for one child, internet reasearch for another, and a couple of birthday parties. Started the week with the disasterous introduction of rutabaga, but ended on a pleasant note with what the kids are calling a chinese spaghetti dinner.
Green - Hit; will make again
Red - Miss; try a new variation, or not
Black - Mixed results; tweak & try again.

Casserole Roasted Chicken w/ Winter Veggies
Chicken was tasty. The lentils & leeks got past the kids. Carrots and potatoes were also good. The rutabaga was a sticking point for all of us. It will not be included in the future.

Lemon Pepper Chicken Breasts, Peas,
Risotto w/Roasted Butternut Squash

Kids picked out mushrooms, and were less than enthusiastic about the butternut squash.
I loved the risotto, and will be making again. Probably with barley next time. Will just scoop out the kid portions before I add the mushrooms.

Cheese Pizza and Salad

Chicken Fried Rice, Garlic Green Beans
Using extra two chicken breasts cooked w/lemon pepper on Monday.

Breakfast for Dinner, a.k.a Brinner
Whole wheat & flax waffles, applewood smoked uncured bacon, cheese omelet (w/spinach, onions & peppers in grownup version), yogurt & berries for dessert.

Mac & Cheese, Florets Polonaise
Broccoli & cauliflower, blanched and tossed with lemon juice, olive oil, sauteed minced garlic, fresh bread crumbs and chopped hard boiled eggs. Need to dice the hard boiled egg finer next time. DD finds hard boiled eggs "creepy", so they need to blend with other crumbly bits.

Chinese Ginger Scallion Meatballs,
Noodles in Hoisin w/Spinach

Combined sweetened cranberries, shallot, garlic and fresh ginger with an egg yolk, then mixed into ground chuck with chopped scallions and 5 spice powder. The sauce for the noodles: sauteed yellow onion and shallot, thin sliced carrot, 1/4 cup red wine, 1 cup chicken stock, 1/8 cup soy sauce and hoisin sauce. I think it was about 1/8 cup hoisin, but added to taste. Dropped several handfuls of spinach into the sauce when adding the browned meatballs. I've been asked to use sliced green beans next time. Maybe I will, maybe I won't.
Supper Wars

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