Monday, January 05, 2009

GC - Week 1

Stock-up Shopping
International/Farmers Market - $155.04

Regular Grocery Shopping
Publix (2 trips) - $61.98
Trader Joes - $13.06

Week 1 total - $230.08

This was the stock up week. Refilled the spice cabinet, bought organic basmati rice, oat flour, wheat flour, flax meal, barley, whole wheat couscous, and more, in bulk. Spent at least $30 more at the farmers market than I would have, had I not had helpers (note the lower case h) clamoring for dark chocolate dipped ginger cookies, anchovy stuffed olives, large containers of pistachios and 1/2-lb bags of exotic coffee (the $40/lb stuff).

Made three smaller trips to the grocery stores through the week, for milk, meat/poultry, and for produce at the end of the week. (Included the wine for New Years Eve/Day)

This week's spending will be lower. Don't know how much yet, since I'm still working out the plan. I'm on day two of week two, and haven't needed to go to the store yet, so it's looking good so far. I'll be heading out when I get the rest of the meals planned for this week. Only needed half of the pack of boneless, skinless chicken thighs Friday for Butter Chicken, so the other half soaked in ginger/soy/honey and became Sunday's stir fry.

2009 Grocery Challenge
Supper Wars - Week 1


Crabby McSlacker said...

We're currently stuck nowhere near a farmers' market, and boy do I miss going! Grocery store produce is never as good.

Sounds like you got a lot for your money! (Except perhaps the fancypants coffee).

mappchik said...

It's a bit of a haul to the farmers market, but it's definitely worth it. There's one closer to home, but it's been taken over by Whole Foods, so is more supermarket and less farmers market now.

Mr. Fancypants won't be coming with me next time. I'll distract him with a question about shiny electronics and sneak out while he's checking wires.