Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Half Training, 1/12-1/18

Monday 1/12:
Hot yoga, 90 min

Tuesday (w/dog):
Easy/Trail Run, 4.03 mi, 42:39

Unplanned Rest Day (School Stuff)

Easy Run, 3.12 mi, 28:31
Hot yoga, 90 min
Bike Commute, 2.5 mi

Hot yoga, 90 min

*Long Run, 4.25 mi, 45 min

Rest Day (Birthday Party w/kidlets)

*Long run on Saturday was planned as a 6 miler. My toes were going numb 30 minutes in, so I looped back home. Am wearing thicker socks for the below 30 degree runs.

The temps are still rather low this week, so I'm not pushing myself too hard on the mileage. I have the hang of layering and am now keeping my toes warm in the right socks on cold days. It's breathing in the cold air which gets me. The inside of my nose and my throat feels as though on fire once I get the heart rate up. Shooting for more running days, but shorter runs, which should help me get used to the cold... just in time for Spring, which won't be long, here in Georgia.

I started a 10 day pass with Atlanta Hot Yoga last Monday. I'm taking as many classes as possible, to get a feel for how crowded different class times are, and to experience the different styles of the instructors. After the 10 days are up, I'm going to work two classes in each week, either on stretch/strength days, or for crosstraining. I can't begin to explain how heavenly it is to hang out in the 90-95 degree room. It's not quite as exhausting as a two hour cross country ride on the bicycle in August, but it's doing good things for my chilled limbs and Winter Blahs.


Slamdunk said...

The cold air bothers me as well. It always seemed to take longer to recover after runs. Sounds like your plan for shorter runs to acclimate is a good one.

I also had to be careful in switching socks when running (you mentioned that you were focused on keeping your toes warm). Do you worry about blisters with the different socks?

I was prone to blistering and had to stay with a thin pair of socks--or else I was on the disabled list for a few days until my feet were at full health.

mappchik said...

When my runs got longer in the fall (over 8 miles), I started having a lot of trouble with blisters. Thinner socks didn't work, but bumping from a 9.5 to 10 shoe did. I'm usually an 8.5, so thought I had plenty of room in the 9.5, which is what I was originally fitted for.

Apparently, my feet are rather freakish. During a run, my right foot stretches to almost a full size larger than my left, and my toes get puffy. (Visited running store for post run fitting.) The 10's leave enough room for the mutant foot on long runs, or for the thick socks on shorter runs.

Today, I'm running inside. It's 22 degrees, and there's a Burn Notice marathon on USA. Bruce Campbell on TV = more time on treadmill.