Thursday, February 19, 2009

$100 Grocery Week? Maybe so.

With Tuesday's shopping trip, and the Kroger shopping on Sunday, I'm up to $76.49 for the week, so far.

Rode to Trader Joe's. My quads were surprisingly shaky. I had been feeling fine since Saturday's half marathon, except for my bruised & blistered toes. Or, so I thought. Had to drop my seat about an inch, so my feet would reach the ground for a solid stance. The normal tiptoe perch was not cutting it. I was dangerously close to testing out my helmet's ability to protect my head from the asphalt.

Anyway, enough griping. Here's how $21.40 filled out the bike basket:

Yes, that's another bag of flour. I had the right amount figured for 2-3 loaves of bread each week, and breakfast muffins, but completely forgot to figure in the extra required for hamburger buns, pizza dough, and biscuits this week. 'Doh!

I'll need to make one more trip to the store Friday morning, but I don't need much. Fingers crossed, pencils sharpened, list ready to go. (The list is on the iPhone in Grocery IQ, so there's not actually any pencils needed. I just like the mental image of myself with a ledger book, pencil and green eyeshade.)

And, Tuesday night's Try Something New - Warm Tuna & Tomato Salad:

Cooked strips of tuna ( two yellowfin steaks picked up at TJs a couple months ago) over high heat, then tossed garlic, ginger, salt, chopped scallions and halved grape tomatoes into the pan drippings. After a couple of minutes, added fresh chopped cilantro and mint, and placed on shredded cabbage, with a dressing made of brown sugar, lime juice, white wine, fish sauce and red pepper flakes.

I didn't hit the kids with the whole dish, but they did try a strip or two of the tuna (after it'd been tossed with dressing) with a side of pasta with white sauce and green peas. I called it "steak", until after they'd tasted it. After the two fish-shy young'uns said they liked it, I asked them if they'd like me to cook tuna steaks again sometime. They said yes. Big old win for mom!

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