Friday, February 27, 2009

Distracted by Dresses

Here I am, with my first non-work computer time in days, and what am I doing? Am I catching up on the posting of Week 8 suppers & groceries? Filling out my training log? Reading the news to find out what's been happening this week? Getting signed up for next Saturday's 10k?


I'm window shopping for vintage sundresses. And, I'm not just finding dresses which look lovely, I'm finding dresses in my size. 28-30 inch waists, instead of only 24-26. (I love the vintage dresses, but not to the point of shopping for girdles & corsets.)

I do have a couple of summer dresses which need replacing. I had them cut down three years ago, but can't have them tucked any further without getting them taken apart and completely rebuilt. I'd love to replace one with this.
A plain cotton dress or two are also on my radar, for everyday, but this one is top of the list. I love the color. The apron. The cut. I hope I win, but am setting myself a strict limit on the bidding.

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