Monday, February 09, 2009

First Ride of 2009

Gorgeous weather today. Too pretty to stay inside. Sent off a couple of proofs, and stealthily crept out of the office. (Wasn't hard, as I work from home.)

Took Blooregard Q. Kazoo out for his first ride this year. I've ridden in 2009, so it wasn't technically my first ride. All the rides up to today have been commutes. This was my first ride with no other purpose than to ride. And it was marvelous. Went to Starbucks, to fill my travel cup with Chai Tea Latte. Pedaled in the sun. Pedaled in the shade. Pedaled really fast, just so I could coast, wind in my face.

25.62 miles of happy.

Image from beeswax productions.


Slamdunk said...

Twenty five mile ride? Nice work. I would be limping for days.

Congrats as well on your first run of the season.

mappchik said...

I'm not limping today, but I am being a bit careful about sitting on hard surfaces. :)

Hope you're finding time to play outside, whether running, or just running about with the kids.

Jett said...

That's what I love about riding a bike. You get the fullest sense of goofing off, while doing something that benefits you.