Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sick Day & Gigglefest

DD is home with a sore throat and low fever today. She's napped. We've read. We've giggled until our tummies hurt. We spent quite a bit of time browsing through many posts, including the Grammy and BAFTA red carpet outfits, both at Go Fug Yourself and Project RunGay. There were moments of :

"oh! my eyes!"
"She looks like a spinning top"

"Pretty. And Floaty."
Not always giggly, we liked this one.
"Eww - is she wearing a dress made of skin?"

"Look mommy, it's Juniper, the tree nymph from that story we're reading"

Along with these, there were all the usual giggles over outlandish combos, dresses which should have been classified as either shirts or belts, sheer materials (with and without undergarments), and there were times we simply laughed too much to say anything.
I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that sharing the desk chair for the better part of an hour won't result in a sore throat for me, but we had a blast.

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