Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Crummy weekend, sort of

Actually, it was a lovely weekend, if a bit cold. It was me. I was the crummy part of the weekend. Never ran a fever, so can't say I was sick, but I was giving it a pretty good try. Stuffy nose, sore throat, headache, queasiness. Felt icky. I think the kids played the role of Typhoid Mary, and brought home a contagion from school.

It was a low key weekend, with family game time, comfort food and movies on demand. Igor with the kids; Burn After Reading for myself. No running on Saturday, but did go for a three mile walk with kids & dog Sunday.

Baked a batch of Black & White Cookies. B2 calls them Cannibal Cookies, seeing as how the cookie dough "eats" 20 oreos (or Trader Joe's JoeJoes). It was the first time we baked them, and I started off skeptical.

The cookies are surprisingly good. The chewy/crunchy combo of buttery cookie dough, crumbly less-sweet chocolate cookie bits, and globs of vanilla cream filling... wow. A bit too sweet for me, but that works out well, because it means one cookie is all it takes.

Almost back to feeling like a person again, so will try an easy three (or four) with Peter T. later today. Would go now, if not for the temp being 33.

Oh. Wait. It's because I'm off to shelve books at the middle school media center, not because I'm a complete wimp today.

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