Sunday, February 01, 2009

S.A.D. Bike? Take it out for some retail therapy!

With the shorter days and cold temperatures, does your bike suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.)? I know Blooregard does. Patty, too.

Given my dislike of riding when temps are below 50 on the road bike, there's not much I can do for Bloo. I started running last winter to avoid the wind chill I created for myself on November-February rides over 16 mph. (Yes, I am a pansy.) Bloo is hanging out in the house, waiting for spring. He gets regular concerts from the young pianist in the family, since he's right by the baby grand. But Patty? No winter hibernating for her. She's my commuter/hybrid, so still gets to make the trips to the bank and to the store for groceries. Unfortunately, between temps in the low 40s and the off-and-on messed up knee, even she's been sitting for a week or two at a time.

This morning, I needed to make a quick store trip. Walked out to put my bag in the truck, and noticed Patty. She looked lonely and bored.

The sun was shining. It was over 50 degrees. My knee is feeling much better, now that I've given up tackling hills until healed. Tossed the TJ's bag in the basket, and checked the tires. Pulled on sweater & gloves. Grabbed the backpack, and we were off. Cannot remember a better traffic day on Johnson Ferry. No close calls with SUVs driven by women chatting on cell phones. Waved to a couple of runners, a walker, and a father & son doing yardwork. I just missed the left turn light onto Roswell Road, but didn't care. With the weather so perfect, there was no reason to get cranky over the wait.

Did the shopping. Paid. Packed the groceries myself. The cashiers are always perfectly lovely at Trader Joes, but can't seem to quite understand that when I say it has to fit in one bag, I mean it. Smiled extra sweetly at the folks giving me "the look" when I pulled away from the cart corral with Patty. (If you've ever carried anything other than a childseat on your bike, like a cargo rack or basket, you know "the look".)

The ride home was just as lovely. Not only did I feel so much cheerier for having skipped the drive and worked in some exercise...

...doesn't Patty look so much happier?

Now, as soon as the loaf of Honey Oat & Whole Wheat Bread is finished baking, we'll be packing everyone into the truck for a quick drive over to the Chattahoochee NRA, for a hike. No excuses to stay inside on a day like today.

As for the Retail Therapy, here's the grocery haul:
  • Black Beans, 15 oz - .79
  • Whole Bean Coffee, Volcano, 12 oz - 6.49
  • Chocolate/Vanilla Joe Joe’s - 2.49
  • Veggie Tortilla Strips, 12 oz - 2.59
  • Sliced Smoked Gouda, 8 oz - 2.99
  • Green Beans, Frzn, 24 oz - 2.29
  • Whole Milk, 1 qt - 1.19
  • Applegate Slcd Turkey, 7 oz - 3.69
  • Kayem Sliced Honey Ham, 12 oz - 3.84
  • Emp. Kosh Split Chicken Br, (3.99/lb) - 8.50
  • Petite Red Potatoes, 1.5 lbs - 2.99
  • Sweet Onions, 2 lbs - 2.29
  • Total - $42.63In addition to the foodstuff, there's a bottle of laundry detergent, which was carried in the backpack, along with the potatoes and coffee beans.


Jett said...

Great post! Patty does look much happier - especially with a Trader Joe's sack on the front.

You've made a pretty good haul with the cargo space you've got to work with.

Crabby McSlacker said...

What a great combo, a tj's run and a bike ride! (I'd be feeling smug for the rest of the week!)

Slamdunk said...

Thanks for the bike reminder. I need to dust mine off as well in preparation for better weather.

I also have to take it to the repair shop. While the bike has been wintering by hanging in our garage, the youngest kiddo, interested in spinning the wheel, somehow twisted the chain and locked it into a pretzel shape--yikes...

mappchik said...

Crabby, the smug was knocked right out of me as the children tackled me to get to the Joe-Joe's.