Thursday, August 07, 2008

Half Training, Week 4

As mentioned in my earlier post, last week was not a great week. I'm really glad I built in the extra couple weeks over and above the 12 week plan. I did work out five days, just not as much as I'd like. Or in the way in which I planned. Grocery trips, tandem bike rides, and a couple of surprisingly hard, short, runs.

Total: Run, 4.9 miles; Bike, 17 miles

I won't be completely back up to speed this week, but I'm getting there.

On a tandem tangent, the camera goofed up saving the picture of my daughter and me from Sunday. The jpeg was missing data, but the posterized effect was kinda fun.


carla said...

being who I am Id want that pic blown up poster sized ;)

I can not wait till my daughter wants a bike...


mappchik said...


Funny you should say that. When I mentioned the word "posterized" in reference to the image, my daughter was very, very excited. She wanted to know when she gets to put the poster up in her room. The truncated file may not work for anything other than a web image, but I'm going to see what Costco can do.

The trail-a-bikes make biking with kidlets a cinch. Not only will you love riding with your daughter when she's ready; she's going to love it. D, the speed demoness, gets to pedal along at much higher speeds than when she's on her own, and a couple of hours along the local bike trails is a breeze. Not in Hotlanta's current humid state, but most of the time.