Saturday, August 09, 2008

Update: $125/week Grocery Challenge

Done with the shopping for Week Two. Like last week , I'll be posting the shopping list and total today, and follow up with the basic menu tomorrow night. (Week 1 List, Week 1 Meals)

Following the rules I set up earlier, here's the breakdown:
Trip 1: $68.15
Trip 2: $19.57
Trip 3: $36.93
Week 1 Total: $124.65

Shopping Lists:

When I first looked over my receipts, I thought I'd failed this week. Was over by less than $1 - Aaack! While typing everything up this morning, my totals didn't match. I noticed I missed a pack of pencils when I was removing the non-grocery items. After making sure I'd pulled out all of the back-to-school supplies, I was back under. (And there was much celebrating.)

Little higher this week than last, but still under budget. Even managed to take care the special requests. The Organic Pink Lady Apples weren't available for my fans of New Zealand produce, but I did grab a couple of large Sonya apples from the far corner of the globe. If you see them in the store - get one - or a dozen. They are crisp and sweet, but not too sweet. The perfect apple for a hot day, or any day. Tonight we'll be having BBQ Salmon (kids are having chicken), which takes care of special request number two.

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