Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy, Happy...

Have a group ride out in Cobb & Paulding tomorrow morning. Have my little bag (safety & snack) all packed. 30 miles of hopping on and off the Silver Comet Trail for forays into traffic.

This is something I need. Really have to build up my confidence in navigating streets. I do ride around on Roswell and Abernathy Roads here in Sandy Springs, but I try to go during off peak hours. Even when I can get close to my destination on the neighborhood streets, I still have to finish up the last bit of most trips somewhere along major streets.

It's getting close to my couple of busy months of fall projects, mostly travel & tourism pieces. My two biggest clients are within 3-5 miles of the house. Would love to be able to stick proofs in my backpack and be my own bicycle courier without being paranoid about those 4-lane roads.


carla said...

which is the wrong reason.

so please to go forth and lead the way for me :)

I admire you!


mappchik said...

If you can find a bike shop with a ride for newbies, do it. It's not scary at all when you're with a group.

I'm still pretty nervous on my own in heavy traffic, but am gaining confidence in handling the variations which come with being on the road. The flat trail is fantastic for many workouts, but the road trips add a challenge beyond just the mileage increase.

A few more months of these road rides, and I could work my way into being the brave, strong rider I want to be.

Jett said...

The bike rides listed on SBL are good . That's the easiest way to find out about the various bike groups and rides sponsored by bike shops.

I took my 12-year-old daughter on Courteous Mass last week and it was great. The pace was easy, the group was -- well, courteous, and my daughter and her friends loved it. We ride to downtown, around downtown and back with nary a care.