Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wake up call

A friend of DH had a heart attack recently. I say recently because the friend didn't even know he'd had a heart attack until well after the event. He was feeling off for a day or two, and went to the doctor to get checked out. A few tests later, he was sent off to the hospital. Mild heart attack, caused by two arteries with 90-95% blockage.

He is only in his mid thirties.

He's going to be fine. Stints were put in place. Medication, exercise, and better eating habits are being set up.

I look at this as a major wake up call for DH and his cronies. The guy with the heart attack was the youngest out of the gang. I'd think this would trigger alarm bells for others.

In talking with DH last night, he said "Nah, nothing to change. Nobody eats, drinks and lives like he does. I don't eat that much junk, I don't drink that much, and sure, I need more exercise, but I'm already working on that."

DH is almost 10 years older than his friend. He may live healthier now, but he hasn't always. I can count the number of doctor visits over the decade I've known him on one hand. The last visit was five years ago.

Healthier living now will help with the future, but what if there was already something wrong when we started making changes? What if he needs to do more?

He's not a kid. I can't take away video games or bribe him with ice cream to get him to the doctor for a long overdue physical.

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