Saturday, August 09, 2008

Dinosaur Dash 5k & 1k

We got up in time! Mom & B1 ran the 5k; B2 & G (a.k.a. D) ran the 1k. Don't know exact times for anyone, since I was paying attention to where my little group members were wandering while crossing the finish.

I think I was under 31:30, which makes for a P.R. B1 was roughly 40 mins. He started out really fast. Too fast. I passed him not long after the first mile marker. It was his first race, and he didn't want to listen to any advice from his mom. Next time, I think he'll do better at pacing.

D. finished the 1k in 6:40, give or take a few seconds. B2 crossed the finish line about one minute later.

I'll have to take a look at the official times and race photos when they become available. Until then, this shot was taken after the races, and does almost as good a job at making us look cranky/crazy. (We're facing the sun.)

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