Thursday, August 21, 2008

Running with Peter T. Dog

I picked up a Ruff Wear leash at Big Peach Running a while back. Between this and the bag/clip, running with Pete is a breeze. (Getting him to look at the camera? Not so breezy.) I snap him around my waist, and my hands are free to carry water, swat mosquitoes, change songs on the iPod, etc.

The main section of the leash is elastic, so there's a warning before a complete stop, or squirrel-chasing dash, yanks me off my feet. And, there's a split closer to him, so I can grab Pete and reign him in when we're passing other dogs and people. (He's not at all unfriendly, just big. He makes some people and little dogs nervous.)

One note of caution about running with one of these leashes: if you open your mouth to laugh at your big dumb dog as he runs around you in a circle while you are running at 6+ mph, be careful. You will have left yourself vulnerable to the elusive Assassin Moth. This moth will fly past you at the moment you inhale, causing you to choke, gag, and trip over a rock or tree root. Hopefully, you'll be able to cough out this menace before he causes anything beyond damaged pride... or maybe you'll only cough up half, like I did. *shudder*


Bucky said...

OMG. New to your blog and just saw the pic of you with PTD.

I immediately had to go and check to make sure that my own Peter T. Dog was in the house.

That photo could be one of him. I've always wondered what he does when I'm not home -- know I know he has another family on the side!

mappchik said...

Well, Peter T. does have a tendency to disappear into the heavy brush at the back of the yard.

Maybe he has some sort of portal between our homes?