Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Half Training, Week 6

Week 6 (8/11-8/17):
Monday: 27.3 miles, bike
Tuesday: 4.3 miles, easy run
Wednesday: 2 miles, easy run; flat tire
(no group ride while I was learning how to change tube)
Thursday: 2.74 miles, hill run; 6 miles, bike - commute
Friday: 17.6 miles, bike
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 30.2 miles, group ride - road

Total: Run - 9 miles; Bike - 81.1 miles

Eeek! This does not at all look like half marathon training. I'm working on getting more miles on my shoes this week, and a few less on my bike. It was just soooo pretty last week, and the kids were in school during the late mornings, and Bloo was looking all forlorn, in his spot by the window... I had to take him out for a spin.

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