Tuesday, August 26, 2008

$125/week Grocery Challenge: Week 4

I finished up my tally for week four of my version of MSN Money writer Melinda Fulmer's "Can a family eat on $100 a week? (Brought to my attention by Wenchypoo.) The goal was to feed her family of four healthy food for $100, or less. Seeing as how my family is a little larger, I went with $25/person, for a total of $125 per week.

I need a couple days to write my wrap up for the challenge. Until then, here's the list from last week:

Following the rules I used through, here's the breakdown:
Trip 1: $37.27
Trip 2: $29.54
Trip 3: $44.17
Week 4 Total: $110.98

Week 1 List
Week 1 Meals
Week 2 List
Week 2 Meals
Week 3 List

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