Thursday, August 21, 2008

Liquid Diet

This photo was taken a couple weeks after my braces were removed, two years ago. I wiped the board clean and added snarky messages about, well, anything really, to email friends and family. I resurrected it today, in honor of my first full day with my lower teeth back in traction.* Ugh. (Wear your retainers, kids.)

My pre ride (40-mile) food? Oatmeal. My post ride recovery? Latte.
My lunch? Soup. Biting the potato chunks in the delicious Curry Corn Chowder hurt.

I give up. I'm embracing the martini. With cheese stuffed olives, to cover my vegetable & protein needs. I won't actually be eating the olives, as the act of biting through them will drive me to tears.

*The sentiment expressed on the board above could also apply to my opinion of the bills for B1's braces, and the upcoming round of bills for B2's adorable little buck-toothed smile.

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