Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Accessories: Who needs 'em?

In the ongoing attempt to become, if not adept, at least not completely incompetent at accessorizing, I've been digging through my jewelery box and top dresser drawer to see what I already have, before doing any spending. I have more than I thought. Started breaking out pieces, especially gold. I figure I'll wear what I have and see how I feel about it, now that it's been 5-10-20 years since I first purchased or received much of it. There are items passed down from my grandmother which I've never even tried on. Granted, some of them won't ever be. They are just fine as part of my daughter's costume trunk.

Here's one of the first combos, resurrected from the drawer of limbo:

Normally, this scoop/cowl neck knit top gets nothing more than my normal tiny hoops and a small silver & garnet pendant on black silk, if even that. This necklace was picked up at a boutique several years ago. I think it was the place in Decatur where I bought my all time favorite winter skirt. (Kaleidoscope) The Winnie-the-Pooh earrings don't necessarily fit with this, but they were a gift from the children. It's always good for a hug and an "Ooh! You're wearing my earrings" from my daughter. Can't pass that up. Wore my Citizen gold/stainless steel wristwatch, along with a mother of pearl ring I received 18 years ago, from a long ago boyfriend.

Gotta admit it. Taking that few minutes to think about what I'd put on with my clothes, I felt more put together. It was nice.

I'll keep working on this, and post a few photos when I get a chance to pin groupings up on the corkboard. It should help me plan out a "what I like" and a "what I need" list.

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Rebecca said...

Is it bad if I say I'd wear Winnie the Pooh earrings? Just for fun, of course. :)