Wednesday, December 17, 2008


As much as I love the green of spring and bright flowers of summer, and the vibrant reds and golds of autumn, I can't help be amazed by the beauty of winter's emptiness. The grass is gone. The trees are bare, leaving the wind... changed. Without the soft swishing of green leaves overhead, or the crisp brushing sound as fallen leaves are blown across the ground, even the wind is empty. We don't see much snow here, so there's no white blanket to soften the landscape.

Where the greener seasons let me feel as if I'm escaping my day, I have no choice but to confront my troubles in winter. No pretty flowers to distract. Fewer people to watch. Shorter days mean running at dawn or dusk, so the skies are generally grey. Mindful of the need for extra caution in the gloom, I sometimes skip headphones, and run with only the sound of my footfalls, labored breathing, and passing cars. I'm exposed, just like the trees.

It's a great time to run.

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