Sunday, December 28, 2008

Speak & Spell Magic

When tucking my daughter in on Christmas Eve, she asked me for a story. Not just any story, but the story of my favorite Christmas present. I told her of the year of the Speak & Spell.

It was a year of clothing and "girl stuff". (Barbies were never my thing.) Then, at my grandmother's house, after the big family dinner, we opened presents. My present was... a Speak & Spell. I'd seen them, and secretly hoped for one of my own, but figured the closest I'd get would be playing with it at one of my friends - you know, that one friend every kid has whose parents made sure to get the IT toy each year. But I received one of my very own! I was thrilled. Convinced it would make me the greatest spelling bee champion in the world, I played it constantly.

That's where I ended my Christmas tale. What I didn't tell her was that I already knew all the words which were tossed my way, and after a week or so, I knew all the mystery words by 1-2 letters in. It gathered dust, only to be played when I was supposed to be cleaning my room.

Imagine my surprise this morning, to find a link to an Flash Speak & Spell during my morning news & blog reading. (Thanks, Agitator!) Opened the link, played for a few minutes, and then turned it over to my little girl. You see, her Christmas toys are a few days old now, and...

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