Friday, December 12, 2008

Mocha Dress

I'm a fan of coffee. I drink a full pot of black coffee, every day. On particularly cold nights, I'll make a pot of coffee before bed.

Every trip to Whole Foods, I spend time browsing the bulk coffee bins. I love the smells of the different blends of beans, the varying roasts. I love the sight of those light / medium / dark roasted beans. In buying beans, I look for the shiny coat of oil on the very dark roasts. I sometimes buy the mixed roast blends, just because of the color progression in the bin.

In looking at the "final call" sales from myShape, I came across a very tempting blend. This dress, AGB - Jersey Bubble Dress in Coffee Bean.
A whimsical print and bubble hem add a wonderfully playful touch to this lovely and liquid, light- to medium weight jersey dress. Designed to hit above knee. Flatters proportioned shapes.

I like jersey. The print is delightful. I could probably even put a fitted long sleeve tee underneath it for winter wear - something in a shade of coffee, with or without cream.

It's recommended for my "M" body shape. But, it's a bubble dress. There is no way I could wear a bubble dress without being asked "when are you due?", especially not in mom circles. No amount of running is going to change that.


Still... I'm thinking about it. Over my third cup of coffee. Maybe with the 3" heel boots and these earrings?

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Sarah said...

Thank you for your very nice posting. I could smell the coffee!

Let us know if we can be of any help as you shop in your Personal Shop at myShape.