Monday, December 22, 2008

Grocery Budget Backsliding: Update

A few weeks ago, I had rude awakening when looking over my post-challenge grocery spending. Have been making an effort since the first of December to get back in the habit of planning meals a few days at a time, ahead of the shopping trips. So far, it seems to be paying off.

Where my average weekly grocery spending from the latter half of October through November was a little over $200, it's now well within the $150 target I set. The first week of December - $148. Second week - $126.37.
This week might be slightly over, depending on guests, special requests for Christmas dinner, etc. Even with the extras though, and a bottle or two of wine, I don't think it will exceed the $200 mark.

My next four dinners are already planned and on the white board in the kitchen. Most of the shopping for the week was done Sunday. I'll bike to the store tomorrow, for the couple of items which must be super fresh (fish will be involved), and for a bottle or two of white wine.

Wonder if I have a miniature wreath I can wire to the basket for the trip...

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