Saturday, December 06, 2008

Weather Wimp

I'm dressed for running. Nike running skirt, with the generous back pocket, perfect for the iPhone. Cushy socks, to keep my feet warm and wick'd. I've layered my torso with the appropriate levels of sports bra, lightweight shirt, long-sleeved shirt with the thumb hole, so I can keep my hands covered. Gloves, knee sleeve and shoes are sitting by the kitchen door, along with water.

So why am I sitting at my computer, fuzzy throw around my shoulders, still in my sock monkey slippers? Because in the 3 hours since I got out of bed, the temperature has risen only two degrees. I admit it. I'm a pansy. I don't mind running when it's freezing or below, but I prefer it a little warmer.

37 degrees or 12 noon, whichever comes first.

*Update: Got in a quick three miles at 39 degrees, and was done before noon. Now, to pack up kids for a trip to Pho 79, for great big bowls of steamy noodle soup. And Cha Gio - gotta have the Cha Gio.

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