Monday, December 08, 2008

'Tis the Season

On my way to the store today, I noticed a distinct lack of pedestrians. I'm used to being the only bicycle on my trips during the week, but there are usually walkers. It was sunny. It wasn't windy, and I was almost too warm in my grey wool coat & gloves. It was lunchtime, and it wouldn't have taken more than a jacket for folks to be comfortable on the walk to restaurants. Where was everyone?

They were all driving. The parking lots were packed, and not just the lots in front of retail stores. Here we are, in a very walkable area, and everyone is driving. Brought to mind a recent post from Jett of Atlanta Intown Cycling. Kissing the Pretty Girls, about how people talk about walking, or riding, but nobody actually gets out there and does it.
If you are able to walk, and take the car instead, you’re just talking. If you are able to leave the car behind, and you do leave it behind, you’re kissing the pretty girls.

The poets talk of romance. My neighbors talk of walking. Who is kissing the pretty girls?

He's in Virginia Highlands, which gets a much higher walkability score than my suburban neighborhood, but mine is fairly high, and climbing with every stretch of sidewalk the City of Sandy Springs pours.

I'm trying to kiss the pretty girls whenever possible. On beautiful days, like today, with a basket full of good food, pretty flowers, fragrant eucalyptus and bright red holly... the kisses are fantastic!

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