Friday, December 07, 2007

$2 Pants + $45 Alteration: Still a Bargain!

I've been on the hunt for the "perfect" wool pants for a while. I had to be picky about them, you see. I live in the south, and it's only cold enough for heavy wool pants 2 months of the year. It doesn't make sense to have a black pair, a grey pair, a pattern... so I wanted plaid. I found a few okay pairs, but the weight was wrong, they were only lined half way down the leg (itchy!), or the fit was off enough that major alterations would be needed. The few pairs I found that I tried and loved were at Nordstroms, and way out of my budget.

A couple of weeks ago, while shopping at the thrift store for school uniform pants....SCORE! The color, the pattern, the material weight. The label said "8", but it looked like it might be a small 8. I checked the waist & hem. Someone had paid to have them hemmed and there were well-done darts along the back at the waist. I tried them on. They were perfect. Almost. The lining had been punctured and ripped, like the previous owner had put them on after putting on heels. A few seconds of math later, I took them to the front and paid the $2.

The tailor charged $45 to put in a full length liner. He did a great job. I picked them up yesterday, and am thrilled. If I'd purchased the $60-100 pairs in the dept stores, I'd have paid another $20-30 for alterations to hem and waist. If I'd gone for the $250-$300 pants, hemming would have been included, but I'd have spent $250+.

At $47 dollars total, I saved between $25 and $250 - and I have a quality pair of pants I'll be wearing for years.

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