Wednesday, December 05, 2007

"Old Year" Resolutions...

I really enjoy the time on the trail or road. Doesn't matter if it's on the bike or my own two feet, it's a great time for self-reflection. It's also a great time to go completely blank and enjoy the music. Today was the thinking sort of day. I was going over my goals for this year, what I've accomplished, what can be improved over the next month, where I want to take it next year.

2007 resolutions were pretty vague - the typical "get in better shape" goal so many people make on New Years Day. How'd I do so far?
-Started riding to & from store - 3 miles, 3 x week.
-Added a couple of 10-20 mile rides on the Silver Comet Train or Riverside routes each week.
-Added a 30-40 mile ride every other week on the Silver Comet.
-Tried a 50 mile ride. Not ready for that yet, but I finished the ride without too much pain.
-Started swapping some bike workouts for 30-60 min walks, which have graduated to alternating 5 min walk / 5 min run for the full workout.

Weight loss wasn't really a priority this year. I started at a floating 137-140 pounds, and am finishing the year at the same spot on the scale. I did drop another dress size though, which means I'm doing the right things to slowly drop any other excess fat.

I'm working on my 2008 goals. Am going to try to make my exercise goals a bit more concrete this year, and toss in an event or two, so I have official training goals.

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