Wednesday, December 12, 2007

We're having a heat wave...

...a tropical heat wave...

Okay, so 75 degrees may not exactly be tropical, but it's almost the middle of December, and my whole family is suffering from a severe case of spring fever. Thoughts of Christmas shopping have been driven from our heads, the boxes of decorations are stacked by the tree, ignored while we frolic in the yard with soccer ball or frisbee.

I've spent every spare moment the last couple of days outside, so very little has been accomplished. On Tuesday, I took the Petee dog down to Cochran Shoals for a three loop, 90 min., walk/run. Managed to work up to 8-10 min runs, with just 2-3 min recovery walks. Wasn't really keeping track of miles, but was probably 6-7. Was ready to be done at 90 mins, and so was Petee. Except for the squirrel sighting, he was loping slower and slower on that last loop.

Didn't hurt much this morning, but I did take it a bit easier on both Petee dog & me today. He stayed home and napped, I popped out for a 40 min ride. Forgot the computer. And the seat wedge - I did mention spring fever, right? It's a route I know well, and it's about 10 miles. Avg. speed (guesstimate) - 15mph. I didn't even break a sweat. May need to try the back loop with hills next time.

I'm going for another walk/run with the Petee tomorrow. Have several projects in the works, so it probably won't be 90 mins. I don't want to waste the last day of warm weather. It's only going to be 65, not 75 Thursday, and temperatures are supposed to drop, and the rain begin, Friday and Saturday. Oh well, I enjoyed the warming in my little corner of the globe, while it lasted.

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