Saturday, December 22, 2007

Adjusting the Schedule

In order to make my rest days coincide with my christmas travel days, I changed the schedule today. It should have been my Long Run day, but I switched to an Easy 4.5 miles. Tomorrow will be cycling (in a brisk 45 degrees), then the Long Run will be Monday. That gives me Tuesday off, an easy run on Wednesday, and Thursday off for traveling.

The training logs at Runners World have made keeping up with this sooooo much easier. I'll be looking over the Kaiser half/marathon training plans, to see where I can put my own goals. (Thanks to Steph at Back In Skinny Jeans for the links to their schedules.)

This week, 3 runs, 12 miles. I'll add tomorrow's 15-20 miles on the bike to that, and call it an official "Not Bad".
I'm planning a similar total for next week, maybe bumping to 15 miles, and will wait until the kids are back in school to really start piling on the miles.

Super thankful for the folks who put together the workout music segments at fitmusic. They really help me keep going on the runs. For cycling, I keep my brain busy with audiobooks from Audible or the podcast version of FreeTalkLive's radio show.

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