Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Snoozing vs. Snacking

I'm tired. Sleepy. Groggy. And Snacky. Okay, so snacky isn't a word, but I am snacky.

The kids finished up their homework, helped with dinner prep, ate all their vegetables, so I got to be the fun mom last night & declare a movie evening, something we usually don't do during the week. We've been recording Tin Man on SciFi, and were itching to get started watching the first part. A 6:30 request for anything other than cartoons or ice cream in my house is a pleasant surprise. I said "sure".

The "re-imagining" of The Wizard of Oz takes getting used to, but I like this darker version. It's funny and magical, and different, in a good way. It doesn't replace the original movie by any stretch - and it's not trying to. It's like the daydreaming you did at the age of 10 after finishing a really good book or movie. It's extra.

Finished up and got everybody to bed by 9, which isn't too late. Then it was time for my evening work to begin. Laundry, kitchen cleanup, breadmaking, lunch prep for the next day, ironing.... finished up around 12:30-1:00.
Yuck. Usually I get started on all this while the kids are playing a game, finishing homework, torturing each other with staring contests, etc. But I was as wrapped up in the movie as they were, and didn't do any of that until later.

Getting up this morning was hard. Making breakfast and packing lunchboxes were tough. Having hot herbal tea, instead of brewing coffee, was darn near impossible. The map changes I'm working on are swimming on the page and screen, and I'm fighting sugar cravings. Researchers say... a lot of things, but in this case... that how much sleep we get has direct ties to weight. From the Daily Mail:
People who slept four hours or less per night were 73 per cent more likely to be obese than those who slept between seven and nine hours a night. And those who got five hours sleep a night were still 50per cent more likely to be obese.
Glucose tolerance, hormonal changes, metabolic changes, combined with an exhausted body being harder to force off the sofa for exercise? Sounds like my day. According to the article, a 15 min. nap will do more good than a cappuccino, but I'm not a napper. Can't sleep when the sun is up unless I'm really sick. Exercise is going to have to do the trick. No cycling today. Have to purchase cycling gloves before I ride in the mornings. Thought I was going to lose my fingers last ride. I'll be strapping on the trainers and heading out for a walk/run. Maybe my route will pass Starbucks.

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