Friday, December 21, 2007

Skirts - Day 3

Between cleaning, wrapping presents and kid wrangling, I have a bunch of climbing around to do, so I'm wearing jeans today, which I'll cover separately. I came across this picture of one of my "keeper skirts. It's a silk box-pleat skirt from Gap, purchased about 5 years ago. Was originally a size 14, but has been cut down as I've shrunk, first to an approximate 8, then to a size 4 equivalent. I do wear this some during warm spells in winter, but it's really only a 3-season item. Very lightweight.

The top photo highlights the cardigan more than the skirt, so I'll just have to tell you that it hits just below knee. Red canvas flats went with it this summer. (ooh! I have a photo!) Have red heels or black mary janes that I wear for spring/fall, or where I need to be less casual then canvas.

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