Saturday, December 01, 2007

When Laundry Gremlins Attack

This sweater was my favorite. Or 2nd favorite. Actually, it was tied with the black one I picked up during one of those great 2-for deals at Old Navy a couple of years ago. Soft, comfy and warm, but not too warm, because it's cotton. Super versatile, and now, super splotchy.

I check pockets before putting clothes in the wash. Keys, coins, crayons, rocks, hot wheels cars, lego men, barbie shoes, sharpies, candy, and chapstick are all regularly caught on my fishing expeditions. Apparently, I missed a chunk of dirt. Not dirt, really. It must have been a clod of bright orange-red georgia clay. My sweater looks like it was wrapped around a rusting stove grate. Rewashing, oxyclean, nothing helped.

I'm not sure which of my family members saved that special little memento of the day in the yard or playground, and it's probably better if I don't find out.

Since I'm in the process of whittling down my wardrobe, I figured I'd NOT purchase a replacement. That was before the morning temps dropped below 40. Two mornings in a row, I climbed out of bed thinking I'd wear this skirt or those jeans with my cream sweater.... darn! Just now, while putting away clean clothes, I set out my chocolate cords to wear tomorrow, opened the shirt/sweater drawer, reached for....

So, I'm online, complaining, and shopping for a replacement. Seems off-white, ivory and cream are not hip enough color names. I'm ordering something called "oxygen". And, since when do I show up as a small on the size chart for tops? Whatever.

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