Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Suburban Cycling

McMansion neighborhoods are not my cup of tea. The houses are far too large for my taste, the yards are too small, with too few trees. But that's just me. I think anyone who wants it, go for it. What I do like about a few of the developments though is the pedestrian/cyclist friendly accommodations.

The photo is Columns Drive, just over the river in Cobb Co. It's the main drag going into several "luxury" apartment and townhome complexes, and to the neighborhoods around Atl Country Club. Bicycle lanes on each side of a wide, well-lit street. Chattahoochee NRA parks on each end. Johnson Ferry has hiking trails and river access; Cochran Shoals has just over 3 miles of rolling trail for foot and bicycle traffic.

It's an easy way to get in 10 miles before picking the kids up from school. Two full loops takes 30-40 mins, and I'm de-stressed and wide awake, ready to handle homework, dinner, etc.

I know I said I wasn't cycling today. I lied. The temps made it up to almost 60, so my hands didn't freeze after all. Still need gloves. Spent the time reflecting on goals, mostly of the health & fitness sort. Will get into that later. It's time for me to host the weekly spelling bee between my 1st grader & Molly the dolly.

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