Friday, December 21, 2007


Rebecca, The Space Between My Peers, has been on the quest for, if not the perfect, at least the better-than-average jeans.

A few things she's trying to avoid: the problem of the gaping back, which one of her readers suggests is because of a rise which is too long. Another is the fit around the knee, which is a problem with the tapered legs, skinny, and many of the straight leg variety too.

She also brings up the issue of pocket placement. I'd not thought of that being the reason why most jeans make my normally flat rear look almost concave. She's got a great set of photos showing the difference the size, embellishment & placement make.

I'm down to two pairs of jeans now, and one is pictured here today.
Joes Jeans. "Honey". Very low rise, narrow through the hips, and they are supposed to be tight across the rear. Notice I said "supposed". On me, they do the impossible. I actually look like I have a rear end. The wrinkling you see is that I bought the 28 instead of the 27. I wanted fitted, not a pair of denim tights.

There's no gape at the back of these. The waistband seems to be set to taper back in slightly, so that they come back over my hip and stay up. It is such a blessing to not have to spend the day pulling up my britches if I happen to forget to wear a belt. (Yes, it IS the little things in life.)

The front is also tailored in such a way to make my hips appear wider. Not many women want that, but those who have 36" hips and a 29-30" waist do. The horizontal creases do the trick, quite nicely.

I did have to get these hemmed. The inseam was 33", which is far too long for my petite legs. The alterations guy at my dry cleaner charged $10 for "original" hem service, which brought the grand total for the jeans to $148. I think it was worth it.

My other jeans were about $15, but I love them just as much. They have embroidery across the back & hip pockets that provide the same function as the permanent creases. I don't think I have a denim specific photo of those, but I'll see what I can do. Tomorrow or Sunday afternoon will likely end up being another blue jean day.

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Rebecca said...

I agree, I'd consider $148 a bargain for a pair of jeans that work like those do for you. :)

Today, if I don't get distracted with catching up on the blogs, I plan to finish, or at least make major headway on, my organizing project. Two pairs of great jeans that are fitted through the knee are presently in the wash; I'm going to try to sell them to a resale store. Then SOON I am going shopping. Again. ;)