Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Once I finished thinning out the number of dresses in my closet, I moved on to skirts. I've been struggling with this category, because there are several factor to consider before deciding on a particular number. The staples, such as the black pencil skirt and khaki A-line are easy. But, there are winter only skirts, such as this one.

It was picked up at a boutique in Decatur a year or so back. Kaleidescope, I think. It was on sale, but even that didn't bring the ticket price under $125. I actually came back the next day to make the purchase, after I had figured out where in my clothing & lunch money I could cut to keep in budget.

It's a heavyweight corduroy overskirt, with jersey and mesh layers underneath. It has beading detail on the outside, is dryclean only, and is something I am only comfortable in when the high temps are 50 degrees and lower, which is not that often in Georgia.

So, it's not terribly practical, it cost "too much", and it takes up valuable closet space. Do I get rid of it?

No. It may not be cold for long each winter, but when the temps are low, I wear it at least once a week. The combo of casual corduroy and the detailing gives me confidence that I will be neither over or underdressed at any winter gathering. Plus, it is a perfect outlet for the "girl" that's tucked away somewhere in my life as "mom".

So, criteria for skirts has been expanded to include the happiness factor. This will become very important in judging whether or not to keep some summer skirts.

I'll try to get a skirt photo each day for the next several days, as I work my way through the winter & all-season skirts. There are one or two which need to be cut down, so I'll have to hold off on those until after Christmas.

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