Saturday, December 15, 2007


Today, I cycled 10 miles as a warm up, and followed it with the 5k Cochran Shoals/Powers Ferry loop.
It was chilly, but the Brooks gloves and my new winter tights from Performance kept me quite warm. The gloves aren't wind-proof, but they worked quite well at an overcast 50 degrees. And the tights? I'm going to be tempted to wear them when I'm not exercising. Amazingly soft.

The first mile after switching to running shoes was odd. My muscles were warmed up, but they did not want to cooperate with the different motions. Cut to just two minute walk to start, then 5/7/11/11 runs, with 2 min walk breaks.

It was good. I think tomorrow might be a recovery day, depending on how bad everything aches. Definitely want to continue to do this sort of workout when I have the chance though. Good challenge.

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