Saturday, December 01, 2007

House Cleaning As Exercise?

End of a very busy week, and I was so looking forward to hitting the trail for a few hours today. Didn't make it. Like I said, it was a busy week, so that means I'm a touch behind on laundry, dusting, shopping, and just about everything else. Had two large maps, and a few smaller projects, in production at the same time, instead of the normal workload. Got everything off to the printer yesterday though, and my weekend is... not quite mine, but at least it's my family's?

Rather than getting in a snit about it though, I'm diving in. Massive grocery shopping trip, as the pantry and fridge were both stripped by all the extra people next week. Scrubbed the kitchen, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, the works. Amazing how much activity this is, when it's all in one day. I'm taking a short break while waiting for the third load of linens to finish drying. Blogging and menu planning as a break? Sigh... I'm such a mom.

The kids are working furiously, bagging up leaves in the yard. Well, maybe furious is the wrong word. For every leaf that makes it into a bag, there's another getting shoved down a sibling's shirt. In a few minutes, my oldest son will remember the amount of payment is dependent upon the number of finished bags, and they'll be back at real work.

As for why I'm menu planning AFTER the grocery trip, it's more of re-planning. A few of the items were unavailable, so I'm adjusting the plan for meals I'll be cooking tomorrow for later this week. The produce section had been picked clean of all the desirable peppers, tomatoes and lemons, and the broccoli bin was empty. Cauliflower has to be fixed a certain way to make it past one particularly picky eater, so I'm figuring out how much extra cheese sauce I need to make tonight. I can add salsa to it tomorrow to go with grilled chicken & chips, and save some for Monday with the cauliflower. Yea, me!

I've pulled most of the items that are leaving my closet this weekend and set aside for drop off. I'll start taking stock (and photos) of the pieces I'm keeping next week. Building up a virtual wardrobe, I guess.

Now, back to work.

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